Located in Millersville, Maryland and with 20+ years of experience in mechanical engineering, Maryland CAD Solutions, LLC is delighted to help you with your 3D needs. We would be happy to meet with you and support your team anywhere in Maryland.

Owner & lead engineer, Juliana Anzalone, graduated from Lehigh University with a BSME and then from John’s Hopkins University with an MSME.

In May 2019, she was invited to give a short lecture at the internationally acclaimed RAPID additive manufacturing conference in Detroit, 2019. At RAPID, Ms. Anzalone presented a well-attended analysis of 3d scanning vs photogrammetry. More info here: https://rapid3devent.com/speakers/juliana-anzalone/

Ms. Anzalone has given short talks at several local events – send a note if you would like to hear more about how 3d scanning/ modeling/ printing can improve the efficiency for your business.

A November 2018 interview conducted by Leslie Langnau, Design World Magazine, may be found here: https://www.designworldonline.com/women-in-engineering-the-road-less-travelled/


“Ms. Anzalone is a dedicated, pleasant, confident and very hard-working.. She has contributed to AIV’s success by performing her job while also fitting well into the organization which is an important attribute for me.”

Tim M., COO, AIV Inc

“Ms. Anzalone’s commitment and level-of-effort is stellar. I have no doubt that when she is assigned a task, she will get it done and it will be completed thoroughly. She stays on top of her projects and does not waste time”

Charles A., Director of Operations, AIV Inc

“Ms. Anzalone is sharp, honest, dependable.. Her knowledge of 3D scanning, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and her drive to explore these topic on her own time was a huge advantage to our entire office. She put this skill-set to work in order to become extremely efficient in prototyping for injection molding.

Paul G., Director of Engineering, AIV Inc
Example of a reproduced drawer-pull. Right is the original, left is the 3D printed copy

Let’s build something together.

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